culinary truth

Here is the story of flavour, cuisine and dining, composed by me, Jan Gundlach, perhaps one of the few last remaining culinary dinosaurs pursuing my eternal hunt for taste.

I have, on many occasions, been midwife at the birth of new flavours and I'm forever searching for culinary truth.

This website is designed to take the lid of culinary secrets, to stimulate readers to became better tasters and to instil competence and confidence in them as diners. So, if you are content with Jaime Oliver recipes or as chef you think that the last meal you cooked was actually good because a diner said it was lovely, stop reading. If you think you can lift yourself from drinking Sauvignon Blanc, stay, read on.

Became a flavour addict, like me.

This website will help you to discover new flavours, it will be a tool to make you a better cook by becoming a better taster, it will give you more value for that money you burn  wining and dining, because your palate will get ever more discerning. (Unless of course you are, very unfortunately, taste impotent. It happens.)

All articles, unless otherwise stated, are written by me Jan Gundlach who after 37 years of overtime and six day weeks in the kitchen, still cooks professionally, reads heaps of culinary stuff and does the hard yakka too - tasting lots and lots. Every topic featured has been carefully researched and is the sum of my best knowledge, which as I go on, realise is still so petite.

Reader’s comments, questions and suggestions are welcome (see the contact page). For those that wish to whinge, I'd suggest you write a letter to a newspaper, say The Age or some tabloid like it.

Other then that,I wish you happy reading, cooking and eating.

Thank you to Sean Keating of STREETSHOTS.
Most images are the work of one hell of a gifted man, photographer and Chef extraordinaire Sean Keating, Executive Chef of Josef Chromy Winery, Tasmania. 

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