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Dine in or out, this flavours. website provides knowledge that you can bring to the table, and skills to refine your palette (if that’s important to you).

It’s not about becoming snobby, discernment enables culinary enrichment. That's more eating pleasure, really. And better value for your cabbage.
Perhaps too few diners exercise are informed and can offer constructive criticism. Dining establishments of any style and approach often get away with too much fluff and/or mediocrity.

We do understand that people dine out for different reasons and by enjoying a good time, who wants to complain and spoil a party? Guest's expectations have to be realistic. The diner's taste education, physical and mental condition at the time of a meal needs consideration too.

The following articles explore criteria for evaluating dining experiences and may help the reader to be the recipient of more flavours and better gastronomy.

We like to bring joy to the art of eating. Join us, here it's free and has no calories!

  • The endless festival of Riesling


    The 2013 Riesling Festival has not stopped. Indeed it smoothly merged into the 2014 season.

    I make no excuses; Riesling is the fuel that supports my search for taste and flavour. Many know already, the Queen of Whites, like no other white varietal it expresses terroir, its origin, soil, flavour signature, climate and vintage.

    In all modesty, my cuisine what I am striving for in cooking is like Riesling. It starts with a perfect produce, minimum handling, just being the conductor of nature allowing it to happen, to express itself, its flavours to develop. Riesling is pristine, honest, composed, noble and full of depth. Riesling ages well, (so here we differ). Riesling consequently develops ever more character and greatness. In comes in many different styles and grades, a fact that only heightens its appreciation.

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  • The make-up of a good wine list

    wine list at flavours

    Unbelievable, there are still venues that don’t pour wine-by-the-glass at the table.

    It is obviously a matter of having chosen the wrong establishment. It deprives the diner from viewing, if not validating, the label. Is it to late to exit the joint? Staying or leaving, both way’s, it’s a hard choice.

    So what comprises good wine service? It starts with a well considered wine list, an interesting and balanced selection and by this I mean a reasonable offering of all key varietals such as sparkling wine and Champagne, Riesling, the white Pinot’s, Semillon, Sauvignon and partners, Chardonnay, a few other aromatic whites such as Arneis, Fiano and Albarino.

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